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Our services

Viktoria Apartments will provide you with a complete range of residential services in Prague to ensure your complete satisfaction and comfort.

In the Viktoria Apartments complex, we will have our reception available to help you with any housing related issues. We will also be happy to provide additional services for you.

All apartments in the Viktoria Apartments complex have a common basement with underground garages, which you can conveniently use to reach your apartment.

Internet connection
Each apartment has high speed internet access via its own Wi-Fi connection.

Management and maintenance of the building and apartments
Complete repair and maintenance of the building, grounds and surrounding parking areas is a matter of course. We can also arrange repairs in the apartments regarding any electrical appliances, equipment, or energy supply.

Cleaning of common areas
This includes cleaning of both internal common and external areas, including green maintenance and removal of household waste.

Shops and services

The complex includes commercial premises with a supermarket, drugstore, or bistro. Other shops and services that will enhance your living comfort are in the immediate vicinity just a few steps away.

The main retail area is occupied by the popular LIDL supermarket. Other retail units offer, for example, the Teta drugstore, the Domácí pasta bistro, a flower shop, and the Česká spořitelna ATM.

LIDL supermarket

Wondering how far it will be to the nearest store in Viktoria Apartments? Literally across the street! Within the complex you will have a Lidl supermarket, expanded to sell fresh meat and sausages and including a bakery with fresh products directly from its own oven.


Freshly prepared homemade pasta every day with a wide selection of homemade sauces, pesto, and seasonal vegetables. The Domácí těstoviny bistro is just around the corner.

Teta drugstore

Teta is a purely Czech drugstore that offers a wide range of decorative cosmetics, drugstore goods and health food. Of course, there is also a large selection of cleaning products and pet food.


A new ATM of Česká spořitelna can be found directly on Seifertova Street.


The Alza box is now also placed at us in Viktoria Apartments.


A new shop selling fresh flowers, plants, and decorations.

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